Guarantees and returns



According to this legislation the Warranty for new goods is two years and for second-hand goods it may be limited to one year. In this period, the time that the item is under repair or the time it takes to replace it with another good does not count. In any case, the action to claim the guarantee is 3 years.

If defects or any other lack of conformity with the purchase are manifested during the 6 first months, the defect is assumed to be of origin. After that time, If the establishment does not collaborate in offering you this guarantee, it is you who must prove that the defect is of origin.

The proof:

The terms referred to count from the date of delivery of the product which is supposed to match the invoice date, ticket or delivery note. Thus, The law provides that to enforce the guarantee of a product it is enough to provide proof of purchase, which may well be an invoice or simplified invoice.

The establishment will not give you a sealed guarantee document, nor is it necessary for you to have it to assert your rights.

Remember that according to tax regulations, establishments are obliged to issue an invoice, allowing a simplified invoice in the case of retail trade, sales to the consumer's home , transport people , hotel and catering establishments , the consumer must request the invoice at the same time of acquisition of the product or provision of the service.


The guarantee is specified in the following Requirements:


  • For Exchange Turbos, they stipulate 1 Warranty year, always subject to the return of the old turbo or its previous helmet payment.


  • For Rebuilt Exchange Engines, it stipulates 1 Warranty year, always subject to the return of the old engine or the previous helmet payment. It is essential that it has not been tampered with outside the factory, unless authorized by the commercial. In order to make the guarantee effective, It requires the replacement of the Oil Cooler and the check of the injectors and the turbocharger.
  • For Used Interchange Engines, they stipulate 6 Warranty Months, always subject to the return of the old engine or the previous helmet payment. In order to make the guarantee effective, It requires the replacement of the Oil Cooler and the check of the injectors and the turbocharger.


At first you have the right to choose to repair or replace the property; However, the selling establishment may choose the option that is less onerous and provided that the result is satisfactory for you.. In case of repair, it should cover the repair of all manufacturing defects, workforce, displacement, the parts and materials.

If after the repair the defect reappears, you can choose to replace the product, unless this option is disproportionate, the price reduction or the termination of the contract. All this must be done within a reasonable time and without major inconvenience to you.. It should also be noted that any of these options must be reasonable from an economic point of view, taking into account the extent of the defect and repair costs; This is to avoid unfair customer enrichment.


Once the resolution of the contract is accepted, In case of refund of the money, the entity must make the refund in 14 days counted from the request, according to the provisions of the RD 1/2007, Therefore, the establishment should not defer the return much more, excusing itself in longer terms.

It must be taken into account that the different services or repairs that are included in the guarantee of a product will not be carried out if the damage is due to a misuse that the consumer has made of the good, in this case the warranty will not cover it.

In addition to the legal guarantee, the establishment can provide you with the so-called commercial guarantee. This guarantee, if there is, must be formalized in writing, expressing necessarily the following data: the good on which the guarantee falls; the name and address of the guarantor; that the warranty does not affect the legal rights of the consumer; the rights of the consumer as the holder of the guarantee; the duration of the guarantee and its territorial scope and, by last, the complaint channels available to the consumer.


Outside the regulations governing the guarantee, you would only be entitled to a refund in two cases:

  • If the items are in perfect condition, you bought them through the internet or website has a period of 14 days for returns, counted from the delivery of your purchase.

The consumer will only bear the costs of returning the goods if the entrepreneur has agreed to assume them or has not informed him that he is responsible for assuming those costs.. In that case, resolved the sale should return your money in 14 days.

  • If you bought these items in store, You only have the right to return if the product is in perfect condition when the store includes in its policy giving that advantage to its customers. Check with your establishment the return conditions, deadlines, return of money or delivery of vouchers, etc. which are generally briefly posted on the purchase receipt.
  1. The right of withdrawal

    You have a period of 14 natural days from receipt of the product to change your mind and terminate the contract, without any expense or penalty, as long as you return the item without impairment, although it may be unpacked. It is advisable to communicate this withdrawal in a reliable way.

    There are exceptions to the right of withdrawal. As an example:

    1. The provision of services, once the service has been fully executed, when the execution has started.

    2. Purchases made at public auctions.

    3. Supply of goods:

    • Made to order or customized
    • That can deteriorate or expire quickly.
    • That they come sealed and are not suitable to be returned for health reasons, hygiene or copyright protection and that have been unsealed after delivery.
    • That after their delivery and taking into account their nature they have been mixed inseparably with other goods.
    • Alcoholic beverages in certain circumstances.
    • Daily Press, periodicals or magazines, with the exception of subscription contracts for the supply of such publications.

Given that a good part of the products of AUTO TURBO CHRA S.L. are personalized and tailor-made for each consumer, we want to dedicate a specific section of our General Conditions of Contract to this type of article, ATC Hybrid Turbos. In compliance with the article 103 of exceptions to the Right of Withdrawal in section c) indicating The supply of goods made according to the specifications of the consumer and user or clearly personalized, of the Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of 16 of November, approving the consolidated text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, no right of return will proceed therefore, in the case of those goods manufactured according to the customer's specifications or that have been clearly made to measure for the same.
There will also be no right of return in the event that the damage is due to misuse.


Accepted payment methods:

Entry or transfer in La caixa or Sabadell


Credit or debit card


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