Innovation & developing

Our philosophy is to support the investigation, development and innovation (R&D&i), three key points for the growth and momentum of a company. Loyal to this compromise to apply the techniques and processes, we dedicate an important portion of our resources to improving the evolution of the performance of the engine, as well as every advance in the sector.




Turbos ATC Turbos

Every hybrid turbocharger “ATC Hybrid™” is developed by our technicians under the higher quality control standards, the most demanding pressure tests, balanced and stress tested before commercialising them. Day by day, we research new models and possible improvements that are brought to our clients through our website and social media.


Auto Turbo CHRA counts with the biggest stock in hybrid turbochargers of all Europe, in continuous development and manufacturing. Our hybrid turbos are completely "plug and play", ready to be installed on your vehicle. All of them count with larger, high-flow compressor wheels, forged nozzles and special balancing to increase pressure and airflow from really low RPM until the injection cut. With a solid electronic setup you will get a better pair and power as well as lower consumption curve at the same engine speed. We have permanent stock for most diesel engines, TDI , HDI, DCI, JTD, CDI and petrol engines 1.8T 2.0T.

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