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What are cookies?


A cookie is a small data file that a website sends to your browser when you visit it and is used to record certain browsing interactions on a website, storing data that can be updated and retrieved.. These files are stored on the user's computer and contain anonymous data that is not harmful to their computer.. The cookie helps the website to remember information about your visit, such as language preference and other configuration parameters.
Cookies can also be used to record anonymous information about how a visitor uses a site., for example from which page you have accessed or if you have used an advertising banner to enter.
This can make your next visit easier and faster., and that the web is more useful to you.
Cookies are effective to improve your browsing experience as a user, and are used on most web pages.


Use of cookies in Auto Turbo CHRA, S.L.


Auto Turbo CHRA, S.L. uses its own and third-party cookies for the purpose of executing the electronic communications of navigation, as well as improve your browsing experience as a user, measuring the use and performance of the website to optimize and personalize it.
Specific, on the Auto Turbo CHRA website, S.L. we use cookies, such as "Google Analytics", with the following purposes:

- Remember the user's language preference.
- Facilitate navigation.
- Compilation of statistical data on the use of our website. This data is anonymous, serve to provide us with information such as, for example, the number of visitors, the duration of the visit, the pages visited, what browser our users use or what is their favorite screen resolution.
If you browse our websites, you will be accepting the use of cookies in the terms and conditions established in this information about cookies.


What cookies does Auto Turbo CHRA use, S.L.?


En Auto Turbo CHRA, S.L. We consider cookies a useful tool to offer you the best possible browsing experience.

These are the cookies we use in Auto Turbo CHRA, S.L.:
- Auto Turbo CHRA's own cookies, S.L.
– Google Analytics
– Facebook
– Twiter


Cookies classified as our own are essential to navigate our websites.


Our website may have links to social networks such as Twitter or Facebook. These external websites may use cookies that Auto Turbo CHRA, S.L. does not control, Therefore, it is advisable to review their cookie policies for more information about them..


For more information about Google Analytics cookies, click here.
For more information about Facebook cookies click here.
For more information about Twiter cookies, click here.


Some of the cookies are used to perform analytics, in relation to which we use tools external to Auto Turbo CHRA, S.L. The cookies used are for the exclusive use of Auto Turbo CHRA, S.L. and its group of companies, that in no case does it trade with them.


Can I disable cookies?


You can allow, block or delete cookies installed on your computer by configuring the browser options installed on your computer.

Keep in mind that by being able to configure your browser to reject cookies, this could prevent you from carrying out certain transactions, use certain functionalities or have access to some content on our website.
Each browser has a different configuration. Following, to help you, We indicate the links with the instructions to manage or block the cookies of the most common browsers:

Google Chrome: cookie settings
Internet Explorer: cookie settings
Firefox: cookie settings
Safari: cookie settings


Auto Turbo CHRA, S.L. It does not own or sponsor the links indicated above and they are provided for informational purposes., so Auto Turbo CHRA, S.L. does not assume any responsibility for them, nor the information they contain, nor of its updates.


Additional Information


This information is intended to ensure compliance by Auto Turbo CHRA, S.L. of current legislation on the use of cookies, as well as providing you with the greatest possible transparency regarding the data processed on the navigation made from your computer on our website.

In order to guarantee its validity, information about cookies may be reviewed by Auto Turbo CHRA, S.L. periodically, so we recommend that you visit the page regularly in order to be informed.

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