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Sales turbos hybrids throughout Spain. Increase the power of your car without making adaptations with our hybrid turbos ATC. Warranty 2 years in all of our turbos. Shipping in 24 delivery.


Higher performance:
The turbo is built with lighter materials, more efficient and more dynamic.
This achieves greater torque and greater power than with the original turbo..
Manufacturers recommend a maximum vibration in the turbocharger shaft for series vehicles between 0.6g and 1.5g in working ranges between 10.000 and 200.000 rotor rpm.
ATC hybrid turbo is balanced with VSR in a range of 0.1g to 0.3g. This allows the turbocharger to rotate at a higher rpm without generating friction..
Low load and lag:
ATC-HB hybrid turbos are fully optimized to reduce lag and advance turbo charging at lower engine rpm.
This is achieved by being able to introduce a greater amount of air and pressure at the same rotor rpm..
All ATC hybrid turbos are fully plug and play. They do not require adaptations or grafts for placement. The turbo fits exactly in the same place and with the same intakes as the original turbo fitted to the vehicle.
The vehicle's stock electronics and any Stage1 or Stage2 are compatible with the ATC turbo hybrid, it does not need to be changed to function properly and you will already see a noticeable improvement in performance.
If you want to get all the blowing for which the ATC turbo hybrid is designed, the control unit must be adjusted with the new pressure demand.
Since the year 2021 all ATC hybrid turbos feature 2 years warranty without km limit.
Distribution at European level with the different agencies with which we collaborate: MRW, NACEX and DHL.
All ATC hybrid turbos come with the characteristic Electric Blue valve. Additionally, the admission conch can be customized in 5 colors; Silver, Solid White, Gold, Red and Fuchsia.


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